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Physical chemistry studies chemical phenomena and processes on the basis of general principles of physics using physical experimental methods. The general purpose of the discipline is to predict the course of a chemical process and the end result (chemical equilibrium) in different conditions on the basis of data on the properties of molecules of substances that make up the system under study; master the basics of knowledge necessary for understanding the complex metallurgical in the physicochemical aspect, which occur in smelting units during the melting of various alloys, as well as the subsequent pouring of the melt into the mold, hardening, and crystallization of the metal.

During the study of physical chemistry, students must learn the basic principles, rules, and methods of managing the process of forming the properties of metal products of mechanical engineering (castings, ingots) at the stages of preparation of the melt, manufacture, and pouring molds; to acquire skills of drawing up a physical model of the technological process and describing it in the language of thermodynamic relations. They need also be able to calculate the modes of the technological process on the basis of the analysis of the thermodynamic model and substantiate the choice of the technological process or making a certain decision.

Knowledge of physical chemistry provides a theoretical foundation for the study of chemical processes in metallurgy and determines the ways of their intensification. Physical chemistry is an introduction to the theory of metallurgical processes, metallography, and materials science.

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