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Modern biotechnology is based on the main achievements of biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, ecology, and other biological and technical sciences. Its main directions are industrial microbiology; biotechnology of enzymes and pharmaceuticals production: biotechnology of waste and secondary products processing; biotechnology of wastewater treatment; ecological biotechnology and biotechnology of ore beneficiation; biotechnology of ethanol (methanol) and biogas production; recombinant DNA technology, hybridoma production, and clonal biotechnology.

The purpose of the course is the formation of theoretical, practical principles, and principles aimed at determining the main biotechnological areas of use of the properties of microorganisms, cells, tissues, and organs of plants and animals to meet human needs.

An important feature of the course of biotechnology is its focus on the practical use of the results of basic sciences in various fields of human economic activity. In this regard, the main task of the course is to master the basic concepts, chemical bases, and technological principles of biotechnological industries based on the involvement of theoretical and practical knowledge of related (basic) sciences. Biotechnology provides an opportunity to master the basic methods and skills of in vitro culture of plants, animal organisms, and microorganisms, transgenic plants, plants resistant to herbicides, diseases, adverse environmental conditions, which is necessary for the formation of highly qualified agricultural specialists.

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  • Analyze raw materials, intermediates, target products of biotechnological production;
  • Work with biological agents used in biotechnological processes (microorganisms, fungi, plants, animals, viruses, their individual components);
  • Make the equipment schemes of manufactures of biotechnological products of various functions;
  • Apply methods and means of automated design of production of biotechnological products for various purposes;
  • Use modern automated control systems for the production of biotechnological products for various purposes, their technical, algorithmic, informational, and software to solve professional tasks;
  • Obtain, analyze, and improve the target products of microbial synthesis;
  • Calculate the composition of nutrient media, determine the features of their preparation and sterilization, control the quality of raw materials and finished products on the basis of knowledge about the physicochemical properties of organic and inorganic substances;
  • Determine and analyze the main physicochemical properties of organic compounds that are part of biological agents (proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids);
  • Apply knowledge of the composition and structure of cells of different biological agents to determine the optimal conditions for cultivation and the potential use of the studied cells in biotechnology;
  • Compile basic nutrient media for growing different biological agents, evaluate the peculiarities of growth of biological agents on media of different composition;
  • Justify the choice of biological agent, the composition of the nutrient medium and method of cultivation, the necessary ancillary work and the main stages of the technological process, etc.

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