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Biochemistry is the science of the molecular nature of life. As an educational discipline, it studies the chemical basis of the most important biological processes, general ways, and principles of transformation of substances and energy that underlie the various manifestations of life.

The purpose of studying biochemistry is to consider the main chemical systems and processes, the reactivity of substances, methods of chemical identification and determination of substances, properties of organic compounds and their transformations, the dynamics of metabolic processes. Students study the structure, chemical properties, and biological functions of the most important classes of compounds: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, nucleic acids. The structure and properties of biologically active substances (enzymes, vitamins, hormones) are also considered.

The course program reviews the morphological and functional complexity of biological objects, the complexity of chemical transformations in the normal functioning, and the regulation of morpho-physiological systems of the body. As a result of studying the discipline, the student must be able to demonstrate the following results:

  • Understanding of biochemical processes occurring in living organisms in normal and in pathology;
  • Ability to analyze metabolic processes and functional role in the body of biologically active substances;
  • Ability to practically use the studied material and to determine the main organic substances in biological material.

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Among the main skills of our professionals in the field of biochemistry we should note the following:

  • Analyze the compliance of the structure of bioorganic compounds with their functions;
  • Analyze the metabolic properties of enzymes, carbohydrates, lipids, which ensures their functional ability in metabolism;
  • Explain the biochemical basis of physiological functions of cells, organs, and systems of the human body. Analyze the functioning of enzymatic systems as one of the central factors of integration of metabolism;
  • Interpret the peculiarities of metabolism both under normal conditions and under conditions of pathological conditions on the basis of clinical and laboratory parameters;
  • Classify and summarize the results of biochemical studies used to diagnose pathological conditions of the human body;
  • Interpret the features of metabolic transformations of bioorganic compounds in the body as the basis of their pharmacological action as drugs and their correction of pathological conditions.

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